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do you know?

How many charges in Canada are laid each year for drunk driving?

do you know?

What does a BAC Level mean to you?

do you know?

Are adults and youth under the same law for drunk driving?

What ICE can do to you and/or your children?

How to spot a grow operation?

The risk your child is in while surfing the internet?

If your child/co-worker/spouse is doing drugs?

Who really lives next door to you?

What your child is talking about when he goes to a friends to 'bag food'?

Feeling a little uncomfortable about not knowing some of the answers?

The world moves at a fast pace and it is virtually impossible to get all the information that we need to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe.

Crime Watch Canada works hard at providing information that is always current and relevant to the Canadian public.

each issue will feature a section on


missing children

We are proud to partner with Missing Children Society of Canada, spotlighting some national cases in hopes of finding Canada's lost souls.


Canada's Most Wanted

Our collaboration with CMW allows Canadians to look out for notorious at large criminals.


scam alert

We feature some of the most recent devious ways low lifes prey on us for our hard earned money.


drug awareness

Drugs alter a person’s mood, thinking and behaviour.. We present the facts on use, abuse and trends to be aware of.


community concerns

Modern concerns and issues that affect how we live and get along in a healthy manner, like Black Lives Matter and LGBQ.


crime prevention tips

We gather some of the best tips to avoid becoming a victim of crooks, cons, felons and bad situations. Be Alert!


Always Current - Always Relevant

The world moves at a fast pace and it is virtually impossible to get all the informationthat we need to keep those we care about and ourselves safe.



Let us take you to Canada's eminent source on Missing Children

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feature articles

canadians in recovery

Opioids aren't the only addiction in Canada

organ commercialism

Organ trafficking is a very real phenomenon, and kidneys are number one

canadas opioid crisis

Opioids are used for pain manage-ment, but they are highly addictive and no one is immune to opioid addiction.



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